Description: Zen Den is a modular home which has been designed keeping in mind various aspects of sustainability and impact on the environment. The construction sector plays an important role in the sustainable development of the world and the economy. It includes the environmental, economic and social aspects which contribute to the development of society. Sustainable construction can therefore be considered as a subset of sustainable development and includes a range of issues such as re-use of existing building assets, design for minimum wastage, resource efficiency and reduction of pollution. Zen Den has a structural system of steel, which is the most recycled construction material on the planet, almost half of it being utilised from waste. It also helps reduce the time and labour spent on building construction, thereby increasing resource efficiency. Furthermore, the steel skeleton method used enhances lightness in construction, ease of prefabrication, speed of erection, enhanced quality and accuracy. One of the driving forces behind Zen Den being a sustainable home and shelter is the intelligent use of materials. The exterior cladding is composed of Fiber cement board mounted onto the structural system. Fiber cement is a key material for sustainable building practices and is a dependable resource in the construction of healthy homes. Also, to safeguard human health and the environment, fiber cement is made with recycled materials including cellulose fibers, sand and cement. One of the reasons for this growth is there has been an industry wide shift in focus to achieving a reduction in building weight, by substituting heavyweight masonry with lightweight systems. This is an important aspect of the Zen Den, being a temporary structure; it does not require any excavation of earth and yet provides the same amount of comfort and safety as an orthodox permanent structure.