Area: 2000 sft

Located in one of the swankiest part of Bangalore, the aim was to create a unisex salon that treads between luxury and vibrance.

We were asked to design a space which had the interactive energy of a classy salon & at the same time warmth & tranquility of a spa.

We needed to create a sense of openness within the limited area we had with all the many requirements given by the client. The site is rectangular with walls on three sides and glazing in the front. Hence, the enclosed spaces were kept along the peripheral rear side and the hair cutting stations were located centrally towards the front glazing.

We have a defined material palette consisting of colored glass, wooden slats, black stone and red fabric against a pristine white background.

The purple colored glass gives a modern, smooth feel & the wooden louvers add texture & warmth.

By creating these screens, we achieved both privacy and openness. The red accents in furniture give a vibrant & fun feel.

The vertical louvers also create a sense of mystery & movement.