Scope: Interiors

Area: 8,000 sq. ft

This private members club is located in the heart of the central business district area of Bangalore, India.Set on the third floor of a commercial building attached to a four star hotel, the club caters to an evolved clientele- be it in their thoughts, their way of life, taste for music, design, fashion or their prowess in the software domain. The space is accessed through a common building lobby on the ground floor through elevators that open into a Club Reception space that sets the mood for the what one is going to experience. Wooden and concrete trellises developed from converging lines that form triangular patterns function as either element that defines a space or a backdrop or both. These elements are meant to convey (in an abstract sense) different patterns that are formed when different people meet. The linear entrance foyer that greets the visitor straight from the elevator, gets one absorbed in the networking matrix that a metropolitan life today represents. The dramatic central glowing, Honey Onyx, island bar is the central precipice in the space that opens up to both the indoor space as well as the outdoor space.