Area: 1,15,000 sq. ft

The brief was to create an interesting campus for budding architecture students and create zones for variable forms of interaction in addition to their core program. The design encapsulates that by creating a network of overlapping homotopic spaces intersected with the main public access. The core program hovers above the public spaces and was further connected with secondary and tertiary streets. The morphology was derived by creating a series of courtyards alternating with built classrooms to allow all spaces to be connected with the open. This, in addition to the main orientation of the building, allows for breeze to permeate the entire structure and reduces the surface area exposed to the harsh hot and humid climate of Manipal. The materials were derived from the vernacular archetype but reinvented to suit the modern aesthetic. The design explores concepts like shade and shadow, material exploration and alternates between large grandiose spaces to the small and intimate scale to create a faculty building that is both educational and fun to study in.