Sustainable Materials

Sustainable materials are materials which have a low impact on the environment during all stages of its life: extraction, manufacture, usage and demolition. These materials come in three broad categories:

  1. Locally available materials: materials that are not only bought locally but extracted manufactured and processed within an 800km radius from the site. Eg: Locally available stone and bricks
  2. Fast growing materials: materials that take less than 10 years to regenerate and grow to maturity. Eg: Bamboo
  3. Recycled or reusable materials: materials made from construction waste or reusing old materials from demolished buildings. Eg: reusing windows from demolished older buildings, stone wastage as seaters around trees.

Green walls

Green walls, also known as plant walls, living walls or vertical gardens, are a great addition to any space. They are basically vertical structures that have different types of plants or greenery attached to them. In addition to looking great, they provide the space with natural air purification and humidification. They also help in regulating the indoor temperature and making the space more thermally comfortable. For efficient growing of a green wall, the plants, the structure and the irrigation system needs to be thought of beforehand and executed carefully to ensure survival of the plants. With regular maintenance, a green wall in the space can really stand out and create a beautiful ambiance.