SANCTUARY was founded in Bangalore in August 2003 by Principal architect, Anshul Chodha, with the primary offerings of architecture and spatial design services. Since then, Sanctuary has cobbled up diverse clientele spanning across multiple sectors both India and abroad. Ranging from Restaurants, Bars, Cafés, Spas, Salons and Offices, to very intimate as well as lavish Homes

With sensitivity to surroundings, Sanctuary aims to create meaningful spaces that enhances productivity, and increases efficiency. Sanctuary’s Philosophy stems from Minimalism at the root level, which is a concept that transcends the frontiers of trend or fashion. It is a philosophy that stems from the Japanese Wabi Sabi’s aesthetic of voluntary poverty, and the spirituality of Zen philosophy, which propagated possession of only the essential, moving away from material eagerness. In essense, Sanctuary likes blending Minimalism with Asian Tropical architecture and materials.

Sanctuary is committed to working on new design approaches and solutions that are truly sustainable by exploring:

  1. New sustainable materials
  2. Reusing and recycling materials used in projects
  3. Passive Solar methods
  4. Changing fixed mindsets on design, materials, construction, technologies and lifestyles.